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Delphian's software reduces risk and takes the guesswork out of advanced financial trading with:

Predictive Analytics   •   Extensive Historical Backtesting   •   Plain-English Reporting

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Capture Alpha

The Delphian analytics platform helps you identify and test options trading strategies based on your own risk/return tolerance.

Look before you leap with verified buy/sell indicators and over a decade of equity data for backtesting trade ideas.


Why Delphian?

  • Informed Decisions - Compare fully-backtested trading strategy variations across any scenarios for optimal choice
  • Proven Systems - Demonstrated predictive accuracy over years of analysis
  • High Customization - A multitude of adjustable parameters lets investors refine their trading strategies for more targeted outcomes
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Complete Trading Research Platform

Highly-intuitive yet broadly-comprehensive software helps traders create deeply-refined, targeted strategies to align with specific goals

When, What to Trade

Our proprietary State ModelingTM algorithm analyzes individual equity and market movements to create tiered oversold/overbought signals that help maximize returns.

How to Trade

Our backtesting platform covers over 12 years' of intraday pricing history to simulate a variety of trading strategies around a specific investment.  This lets you optimize your trades according to your goals.

Collaborate and Share

Our platform can generate plain-English Delphian Studies that describe any of your strategies to share with internal teams or external clients (white labeling available).

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Institutional-grade Analysis, Simplified

A complete suite of research tools, a library of predefined trading strategies, and streamlined strategy reporting for internal collaboration and sharing with external clients


Delphian Studies

Predefined, fully-tested trading strategies to streamline research, define optimal strategies, and simplify achievement of investment goals.

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Proprietary predictive buy/sell signals, detailed scenario testing

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